Top 10 Dashboard Cameras for 2019

Dashboard cameras have gained greater popularity among motorists for various reasons. Some use them for fun, for creating a travelogue folder of their trips, for security purposes, and, sometimes, for use in legal proceedings.

The basic dash cam or car DVR is composed of a camera system that record continuously in a loop, a memory card and an LCD screen for viewing. Video cameras are usually classified according to the lens specifications and video quality, while the LCD screens vary in size, though 2.5 to 2.7 inches are the standard sizes.

The camera records videos in a loop, meaning it runs continuously and overwrites the oldest files when the memory is full. Thus, it is preferable to use 32GB microSD cards when you want to preserve the footage with less frequent downloading into a computer.

The 10 Best Dash Cams for 2019





 Rexing V1 2.7″ LCD FHD 1080p 170° Wide Angle $  4.3
 Blue TOGUARD 2.46″ LCD Full HD 1080P $  4.8
 FalconZero F170HD+ GPS DashCam 1080P $  4.5
 AUTO-VOX D1 Full-HD 1080P 2.7” Dash Cam with Night Mode $  4.7
 REXING S300 Dash Cam Pro 1080P 170° Wide Angle + Night Vision $  4.6
 ITrue X3 Dash Cam,2.7Inch LCD,1080P,170 degree Angle,Night Vision and 8GB Card $  4.6
 Garmin Dash Cam 10 Standalone Driving Recorder $  4.1
 Kingmak G1W Original Night Vision Dashboard Camera $  4.3
 AUSDOM Car DVR Dash Cam AD260 $  4.4
 Spy Tec G1WH Full HD 1080P H.264 Car DVR Dashboard Cam $  3.6

Dashboard cams come in a variety of models and combination of features, from the simplest, easy to use video recording devices to the more sophisticated, feature-packed models with powerful capabilities.

No matter what your preferences are, you will find dash cams in the market with varying price ranges and features to match. Sometimes, choosing the correct one becomes a tough choice, particularly when the technical features of the camera are not sufficiently described or the camera limitations explained.

How to Choose the Best Dash Cam

Video Resolution. Video quality is the most important factor in choosing a dashboard camera. Some cameras record at VGA resolution (640×480), which is much lower than the standard for 720p HD video standard (1280 x 720). 1080p resolution (1920×1080) is full HD. Some of the newer models are capable of recording at higher resolutions for more detailed images, but you have to remember that higher resolution images use up more memory space.

This becomes an issue only when you want to keep a complete video of your road trips because it will require frequent downloading and replacing of the SD memory card. Other related features are night vision support and WDR technology that contribute to enhancing video images.

Loop Recording. Loop recording is the norm for dashboard cams, which means car drivers do not have to bother about turning the camera on and off. This feature is possible through hardwiring the camera into the electrical system of the car, but a more convenient option is to choose a model that conveniently plugs into the cigarette lighter socket.

When the car ignition is fired, the camera is automatically turned on and starts recording, and continues to save the images into the microSD card until the car stops.

Security Features. These are the features of the camera that work in emergency situations to create or preserve video files. These features include the G-Sensor that locks and protects the current video footage from being damaged or erased when the car suffers from a collision or is hit by any object and Motion Detection and Parking Mode that triggers the camera to record videos even while the vehicle is parked.

What to Look for in the Best Dash Cam

Mounting and Operation

Dashboard cameras usually come with suction cups for the windshield or a camera holder that can be positioned on the dashboard. While this is not really a critical for the functioning of the camera, some drivers prefer one over the other so you have to check if the model you are buying comes with your preferred mount. Ease of operation means you can let the camera do its job with minimal or no input.

Useful Features

All features incorporated into the dashboard camera are useful and contribute to its performance. However, you have to consider your reasons for installing the camera in your vehicle. For example, Motion Detection and Parking Mode are useful features when you are concerned with parking security at home or at work. When you have no security issues, these features have no significant use.


A good quality dashboard cam comes with a hefty price. This means that to get the highest resolution and to obtain a model with the most advance features, particularly for car camera security, you have to be prepared to pay the price. Simply put, there are many makes and models of dashboard cams in the market and you should have a discerning eye to pick the best model within the price that you are willing to pay.

ABLEGRID GS8000L Night Vision HD1080P with 120 Degree Wide Angle and G-Sensor Vehicle Camera Video Recorder


The ABLEGRID GS8000L Night Vision HD1080P with 120 Degree Wide Angle and G-Sensor Vehicle Camera Video Recorder is a shake-proof camera equipped with a 120-degree wide angle lens that records HD-quality videos. On the road, the LCD screen gives a clear view of what is in front of the car from a wide angle perspective, with an option for a 4x digital zoom when you want to focus on certain image details.


  • Novatek 96220 G-Sensor – This feature automatically locks the video file being produced when the car swerves wildly or suffers from a collision. The sudden impact and subsequent jarring of the dash cam automatically trigger this security feature to preserve the video and prevent it from being damaged or erased.
  • 2.7-inch LCD screen with 4x digital zoom – This allows you to view details on the road in front of the car in a wide perspective from the 120-degree lens as you drive. Images, particularly those from the sides of the car that are not noticeable while you are driving, become more distinct.
  • Loop video recording – The capability to record in a loop means that you get footage from the time you start the car to until you stop driving. The dash cam powered through the car charger continuously records and saves the video into a compatible microSD card of up to 32GB capacity.
  • Anti-shake technology – The anti-shake feature means that the quality of the video remains clear even when the car passes through road bumps and rough terrain that can cause the camera to jar.


  • Easy to install and operate – The camera installs easily through a suction cup mount and once plugged into the car charger, it will start to record when the car starts.  The default mode is video recording and no user input is required unless you want to alter the settings.
  • Affordable – The dash cam is affordably priced and gives a good performance to commensurate with its cost.
  • Versatile – Since the dash cam comes with a rechargeable battery, it can be used as an HD camera outside the car.

Things to be aware of

The supplier specifies that the battery that comes with the camera lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes only. Thus, it is suitable for use in emergency situations and is not appropriate for continuous video recording.

Bottom line

The ABLEGRID GS8000L ably performs the functionalities of a basic dash cam, which is to continuously record full HD videos of your trip. Its performance is at par with other dash cams in the same price range.

Rexing HD18 Car Dash Cam with Dual Camera Lens HD 1080P Night Vision and 160 Degree Wide Angle


The Rexing HD18 Car Dash Cam with Dual Camera Lens HD 1080P Night Vision and 160 Degree Wide Angle is equipped with two cameras for monitoring the front and back of the car. The rear camera is especially useful when backing out of packed parking lots by giving a wide-angle view of oncoming cars and pedestrians so you can safely maneuver the car. The night vision and HD 1080P resolution are features that provide clear and detailed videos even in low light situations.


  • Dual lens camera lens – This feature gives you clear images of the front and rear of the car from the extra-wide 3-inch HD LCD screen. This is made possible by the Picture-in picture feature that allows you to choose either camera to show a larger on-screen image while the feed from the other is a much smaller image. You can also opt to have just one of the camera feeds visible.
  • G-Sensor – This is a safety feature of the camera that locks videos to the memory in case of accidents. The locking mechanism is triggered by an impact to the car and by sudden braking and wide swerves.
  • Loop recording – The dash cam is powered through the car charger and is designed to start recording when the car is driven. Loop recording means continuous video recording with the oldest files being overwritten with new ones when the memory is full.
  • Night Vision – This feature is enabled by the use of a high-ranking main control chip with an image sensor. To further enhance this feature, the camera uses a glass lens of 6 layers for filtering images that result in clearer videos.


  • Ready to use – The camera comes with a 16GB memory card so it is ready to use out of the box. All you have to do is slip the card into its slot and then plug the camera into the car charger for the video recording to commence when you start the car.
  • Easy to install – The camera has a compact design with a suction mount and comes with extra long wires for easier installation. The wire for the car charger is 4 meters, while a 6-meter wire is provided to simplify the installation of the rear camera.
  • Easy to operate – The camera has intuitive, easy to figure out buttons and the manual provides clear instructions for its operation.

Things to be aware of

Continuous loop recording means the camera automatically overwrites older videos with newer ones. When going on a long, recreational trips, you have to bring extra memory cards or transfer the video footage that you want to preserve onto your laptop.

Bottom line

The Rexing HD18 has passed rigid tests, which means you can rely on the camera to deliver uninterrupted video footage of your road trips in its default video recording mode.

Lecmall 2.5-inch LCD 270o Whirl Video Camera Recorder Dashboard Camcorder


The Lecmall 2.5-inch LCD 270o Whirl Dashboard Camcorder is an affordably-priced dash cam video recorder equipped with a microphone for recording sound. Equipped with a 120-degree wide angle camera and a 2.7-inch TFT LCD screen for viewing, its default mode is loop video recording. The camera comes with a low capacity battery that can be used when you opt to use the camera for taking snapshots outside of the car.


  • Three options for recording resolution (1280 x 960, 720 x 480, and 640 x 480) – This feature is important when you want to save on memory usage and prefer general images over details, which mean you have to choose the lower resolutions. Higher resolutions will give clearer images but will use up greater memory space.
  • 120-degree wide angle camera view with 270o whirl – This camera feature gives a panoramic view of the front of the car so you will see details on-screen that are usually not noticeable when you are driving. The 270o whirl feature is convenient for showing footage from different perspectives.
  • Sound Microphone – The audio recording feature can be switched on when you want to input comments on video footage that you find interesting, particularly during cross-country recreational trips.


  • IR LED Illumination – In low light situations, the IR LEDs provide illumination to show images from dark areas.
  • 32GB micro SD support – Video recording takes up considerable memory space, particularly at higher resolutions. You will not need to change the memory card or download images as often when a 32GB card is installed.
  • Rechargeable battery – The rechargeable battery that comes with the camera is useful for emergency purposes and for those times when you want to use the camera out of the car. You have to remember, though, that the battery is of low capacity and will give only a few minutes of use even when it is fully charged.

Things to be aware of

The dashboard cam gives good resolution images but these are not HD quality. However, the highest resolution setting of 1280×960 gives video images that are of good quality for a budget-priced unit.

Bottom line

The Lecmall 2.5-inch is an affordably-priced dash cam that performs well. It is easy to install and operate and provides a cost-effective way of documenting road trips.

HD Rotatable 2.5-inch LCD DVR Video Camcorder with IR LEDs


The HD Rotatable 2.5-inch LCD DVR with IR LEDs is simply designed with a plastic screw that attaches the camera assembly to the suction cup, and operates even without user input. The suction cup is made from sturdy plastic that provides ample support and with the sufficient length of the charge cable and you can power up the dash cam by connecting it to the car charger. In the default mode, the camera records video continuously when the car starts and ceases when the car stops. The rechargeable battery is an alternative source of power that allows you to use the camera outside the car in case of emergencies.


  • Wide angle camera with 120-degree view – This feature gives you a clear view of the front and sides of the car without losing focus on your driving.
  • Options for 1280 x 960, 720 x 480, or 640 x 480 resolutions – The options for image resolution allows you to balance camera use with the microSD card that you use. The highest resolution setting for clearer, HD-quality video consumes more memory, while the lower resolutions that have less detail will give longer recording times.
  • 2.5-inch TFT LCD screen, 270o whirl – The camera is equipped with a standard-sized screen to provide you with a clear view of video images as you drive.
  • Microphone – You can pause video recording to activate the microphone that allows you to include short comments on the road videos, particularly when there are unusual sights or events along the way.


  • Price – The camera is affordably-priced, with many users commenting on its better performance vis-à-vis other models that are similarly low-priced.
  • Easy to use – The camera is easy to install using the suction cup or holder, and the operation is simple and straightforward. You can leave it at the default recording mode without making any input and get good quality videos at the end of your trip.

Things to be aware of

The camera comes with a low-capacity battery that is intended for emergency use only. The camera is designed for use plugged into the car charger and the battery that comes with it only has 5 to 10 minutes use when fully charged.

Bottom line

Car owners who are on the lookout for a budget-priced dash cam with good performance will find this camera a good investment that will last for years, or until they opt for models with more advanced features.

Rexing VI 2.7-inch LCD 170o Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder 1080p with G-Sensor and WDR


The Rexing VI 2.7-inch LCD 170o Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder 1080p with G-Sensor and WDR is rated highly by many users because of its reliability in producing HD-quality videos during daytime and low light situations. Its good performance is supported by WDR technology for better contrast in images, a wide-angle lens for deeper video perspective and night vision capability that is useful in low light situations. This compact camera fits discreetly behind the rearview mirror.


  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution – The camera delivers full HD recording through its AR0330 170o wide angle, 6-layer glass lens. It also provides options for recording in lower resolutions if you want longer recording time for the microSD card you are using. The wide angle view gives details that are not noticeable when you rely on eyesight.
  • Wide Dynamic Recording (WDR) technology – This feature means the camera has the capability to simultaneously show light and dark areas with good details. This results in the high overall quality of video images that are rich in details.
  • Accident Auto Detection – This feature is supported by the installed G-Sensor that automatically locks the current video footage when an impact is detected as an object hits the car. By locking in the video as the impact is felt, important details are preserved and can be used for investigations.


  • Easy to install – Installation is simplified by the 3M adhesive tape that easily supports the compact, lightweight camera.
  • High quality day and night videos – The camera is equipped with a superior lens with enhanced night vision. The AR330 has 6 layers of glass that filter the images to produce cleaner and more distinct details in every frame.
  • Excellent audio – The microphone and speaker that come with the unit perform well with no sound distortion.

Things to watch out for

The camera has an operating temperature of 10oF to 140oF. Extremely cold and hot weather can adversely affect its operation and excessive heat can cause warping and the adhesive tape mount to fail.

Bottom line

The Rexing VI has received high ratings from satisfied users who find its performance comparable with or even better in some areas compared with higher-priced models with similar features.

What Are The Features In A Dashboard Camera?

Buying a dashboard camera can be really difficult if you do not know the technical terms and the different features. So what should you look for when you are planning to buy a dashboard camera? Read this article to know more

Would you like a single or a dual channel?

The first thing that you would need to know is whether you would like to have your dashboard camera recording through your windshield which is known as a single channel or whether to opt for a front and a rear facing camera system that is a dual channel. The rear camera can be located in the back of the car interior, or it can also record images through the rear window from the back of the car. There are some vehicles that do not have any rear windows, like a truck; however, there is a solution for the same as well.

A weatherproof and water resistant rear camera can be installed on the outside of the vehicle for efficient and faster videography. The Dual channel system is comparatively more expensive compared to the single channel because it is more complex as two video streams are processed at the same time. You can also try searching for cheap and affordable devices that are priced less than 100 dollars, but they would not provide the same picture and video quality and thus they are not recommended for roads. High quality dual channel cameras can cost you something between $200-$400

Video resolution

With the increase of technology, video resolution of dashboard cameras is slowly on the rise. The early cameras were known to record at a resolution of 720p or less, but today’s cameras can record at a resolution of 1080p. 1080p provides you with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which is also known as full HD version. If you are planning to buy a dashboard camera, do not opt for a camera those records less than1080p resolution. A dual channel camera can however make the use of the 720p for their rear camera for reducing the pressure on the load.

The Vico-Opia 2 is known to record a great and remarkable video footage at 1440p on a wide screen as well as standard formats with more intricate details. 2560×1080 is also known to be one of the best video formats for a dashboard camera as it is wider and flatter compared to the other camera resolutions This format is known to have an aspect ratio of 64.27 instead of 16.9 and it is twice as wide as it is high. This aspect ratio is great for dashboard cameras and it also gives a cinematic feeling as it focuses on your surroundings to the left and the right and focuses less on the sky. You can find that a number of 1440p cameras are being available in stores. This is the highest video resolution that is available at the moment and it does a lot of intricate and detailed capturing of photographs and videos. If you are searching for a dashboard camera that would offer you the highest resolution then you should opt for the Vico-Opia2, which was released in 2016.

Night Video Quality

If you are an adventurous photographer who would like to shoot night photographs, then you can try out the dashboard cameras with a resolution of 1080p or also capture videos during the daytime. Most of the dashboard cameras can capture decent night videos as well as crystal clear morning videos. Night vision cameras are not usually required for a dashboard camera as the headlights of the car is on at night. When you drive in the dark, make sure that your dashboard camera can capture the best quality video footage

The DOD-LS460W has an excellent night video quality because it comprises of a large aperture and a wide dynamic range.

Night Vision LEDs

The affordable dashboard cameras comprise of LEDs that improve night performance. LED’s are, however, useless for night vision. They usually cause reflections on the windshield and thus cannot lighten the road in front. If your dash cam has LEDs, it is always better to turn them off as they may cause reflections. LEDs are usually used for taxi cameras that require camera interiors.


Would you like your camera to stick out of the windshield? You may choose from a number of sizes and assortments. It is always better to buy a dash cam that is small and compact. A smaller cam that is loaded with a number of features would however be a little more expensive. You can also choose the color black for a dashboard camera as other colors would look too bright and vibrant. The color black is required for a dashboard camera as black is an elegant camera and it would not draw too much of attention

Loop recording

Loop recording is definitely mandatory is a dashboard camera. It is there to ensure that your camera does not stop recording right in the middle especially when it runs out of disc space. Loop recording means that once your storage in your camera is full the camera would automatically overwrite the older files and instead enable new recording to take place. The different parts of the footage can be marked so that you can understand the parts that you would like to keep. If your camera has a G sensor then the files can be marked Most of the dash cameras have loop recording and in case there is no loop recording, it is not a dashboard camera.

G sensor

G sensor is a very useful feature and is triggered by an event like sudden braking or a sudden impact. When an event is detected the camera marks the current footage so that it does not get deleted by loop recording.

Motion detection

Motion detection is mainly used in the parking mode and detects various kinds of events by analyzing the video of the camera.

Lock File button

The lock file button which is known as an emergency button is a dedicated button located on the camera that allows you to mark the current video footage in order to safe keep your videos. The video file can be saved with the help of a single touch of a button instead of having to browse through a number of menus. Most of the modern dashboard cameras have a G sensor that helps in case an impact is detected and the footage would automatically be saved. The lock file button is really convenient in case you would like to turn off the camera.

The auto On and Off

A dash camera also must have an on and off feature. Your camera would automatically start recording images and videos once the ignition key is turned on. All dashboard cameras have this feature.

Parking Mode / Buffered Parking Mode

If someone tries to barge in your car or tries to damage your car, then your cash dash camera will become active and start recording videos so that you can see who hit your car. Dash cameras take a little time to be alive and thus it is important that your device has a buffered Parking mode so that you can start seeing from the initial level. If you have a buffered parking mode, your dash camera would start recording things from the very beginning continuously but the footage would not be saved to the memory card unless a strange event is detected by the G sensor or the visual motion detection. Footage from 4-10 seconds before until 20-60 seconds after the event would be saved. Most of the dash cam batteries last for a couple of minutes and thus a battery discharge prevention discharge would be necessary. Some dashboard cameras are available with a built-in discharge prevention like the Lucas LK-7950 WD.

Date and Time stamp

All dash cameras have this specific feature. This is especially useful if you need to use your video footage as evidence at times. Ensure that the date and the time are accurate when you install your camera.


You would love to see what you record on your dash cam screen. A bigger screen makes your camera look bigger and less secretive. Dash cameras like HDVR-180 incorporate the screen right into the mirror’s surface.


GPS is also optional, but they may come into great use. It allows you to record your time as well as your position and speed and allows amalgamating it into the video feed with the date and the stamp. Some dash cams like the BlackSys CH-100B allow you to connect to an external GPS module so that the camera is small and compact. Cameras like the Mini 080x series integrate their GPS module into the camera’s mount. The external modules usually pick up GPS signals faster and are reliable

Taxi / Uber Cam

Taxi cams are dual channel cams with a rear camera that films the interiors of the car. This is very appropriate for taxi drivers, Uber drivers and professional people. The rear camera also needs infrared Led to see in the dark. The Transcend Drive Pro 520 is a great taxi cam that was released in 2015.

Power Adapter

Dashboard cameras are mounted a little high on the windshields behind the rear view mirror. They are known to get their power from the cigarette lighter. They come with a power adapter cable at least 11ft long so that you can install it in the best place. The cable can also be connected to the cars fuse box or internal wiring if you would not like to use your cigarette lighter.

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